Ada Stefanie Namani * Devinderjit
Positive Vibration

White Sound Gong Meditation

Learn how to play the gong in a year of growth. During intense weekends of learning, and on a special day at gong manufacturer Paiste, Ada Devinderjit passes on her profound knowledge of the gong. In yogic tradition the gong is regarded as one of the most powerful instruments to channel energies and facilitate self-healing by means of vibration. A gong meditation expertly played after a corresponding Yoga class tends to elevate the listener to a profound, enlightening and healing metaphysical experience.

It takes a long time and much practice to learn to play the gong. Deep knowledge and a high level of responsibility are required to safely lead the group played for through all states of trance. Gong training covers:

• a visit to gong manufacture Paiste in northern Germany

• Gong relaxation / sound bath as an initial beginners technique

• gong playing in both theory and practice, and understanding linked energetic concepts

• the secrets of an effective gong meditation clearing blocks in nervous system and karma, by channeling techniques using hard mallet and white sound

• best yoga / meditation practice to prepare for gong experience

• use of sound and rhythm

• therapeutic gong (basic knowledge)

• gong meditation for groups, and multi gong

• your own personal challenges, growth and your unique potential as a gong player accompanied and supported by Ada Devinderjit

Requirements for participation

Ada Devinderjit welcomes both students who are experienced in the meditative arts and newcomers from other backgrounds to form a holistic group; Kundalini Yoga teachers welcome but no prerogative. An individual pre-talk will clarify knowledge yet to be obtained, and your expectations for the training. Each participant will need his or her own Paiste gong; you may have the (32" symphonic) gong „find you“ when we travel to Paiste together. Most gongs which are dissimilar to Paistes are unsuitable for the art of gong taught in this training. If you already have a gong we can find out if it's suitable; mostly it is best just to wait and get one during the training. No commerce meant, but only suitability: Ada has decided never to earn a cent in trading gongs.

Tune in to be in Tune - Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

Next Gong Training in English language is scheduled to begin in August 2024 in Sweden. Click here for details White Sound Gong Training Sweden

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